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A companion to Matt Springer's talk, Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country

Items to consider having in your emergency kit:

food, water (3-7 days)
can opener, utensils
first aid kit
spare shirt, pants
work gloves
cash (small bills)
emergency blankets (foil)
hand warmers
water purification tablets
spare batteries
light sticks
pocket knife
paper pad
marking pen
duct tape
ziploc bags
rain ponchos
vitamins and personal medications
“personal sanitary supplies”
spare eyeglasses
pet supplies
phone card number
out-of-town contact info
landlord contact info

family emergency plan
power failure back-up light in outlet
back-ups of important insurance information (with a relative or online)

Own a cheap old-fashioned corded land-line phone, the only phone that will continue to work in a power outage (cordless phones stop working if the base has no power, cell phones won't work if the local transmitter towers have no power, but corded phone lines have their own power)


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